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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Man head

Helicopter head

Unibomber head

Hat head

Poop head.

You're head's officially been pimped...


Blogger Margaret said...

Eeek, the Chinook Copter Do is dreddful. She must be one of George Clinton's gals.

10:28 PM

Blogger Kales said...

Omg total gold!! I want the helicopter!!

Miss Clinton

11:39 PM

Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

I cannot stop laughing

12:01 AM

Blogger R2K said...

haha the poop one is the best!

The face one scares me, it looks like the face of a dead guy...

5:33 AM

Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

off da chain

8:28 AM

Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

I just noticed that the girl with the helicoper on her head also appears to have an electrical wire running up to her hair, which must mean that that the helicopter blades actually rotate... Her head is PIMP!

11:13 AM

Blogger M said...

yeah, I hate it when you get hat hair..oh..wait..

12:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pimping to the extreme. First it was cars, now hairs too?

4:18 PM

Blogger Zebras said...

That was... Absolutely awesome. I want one of those.

Can I use the unibomber for my blog?

And consider yourself linked

4:43 PM

Blogger drëâmè® said...

oh wow haha these are kinda cool..

7:21 PM

Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

You got it right exactly.

11:37 PM

Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

Thanks Deepak. You should try to shave a pooping guy into your mustache... I know I would.

12:19 PM

Blogger TheHamburger said...

My being a Hamburger is're just faking your way to glory.

I hate you...but have to love you at the same time since we're from close to the same gene pool.

Now I know how Darth Vader felt...God damn it! I can't believe I said that...I hate Star Wars!

3:12 PM

Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

well said sir... well said.

4:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it ok to want to sit on Butchie's face?

4:54 PM

Blogger Margaret said...

Dude Cheeseborg - looks like your girl Li-Lo bent over and saw her hind end in a mirror this afternoon.

Heck, I can't eat anymore ever again either.

6:04 PM

Blogger R2K said...

: )

7:51 PM

Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

Margaret, you bastard.

not cool!

10:56 AM

Blogger Butchieboy said...


10:39 PM

Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

Fake but, so are blow-up dolls and I've never had a problem suspending my disbelief there..

12:02 PM

Blogger Margaret said...

Yeah I know, not cool and I'm awfully sorry 'bout that.

12:05 PM

Blogger TheHamburger said...

Dude...I need some dental work done, where do you gets yours done at? I need to look fucking spankable when I take out Butch's Mom next week...

1:44 PM

Blogger lil Johnny said...

6:10 AM

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